Fishing love of my husband

It would be such a blessed day if I can get a fresh fish from the market. You would really know if it was fresh by its appearance and smell. We like to grill it when we can, and the taste just gets you excited to sit down and eat. When we moved to Maine, my husband slowly eased his way to fishing. His new friends at work got him into it, and in a few months, he was joining them on sport fishing trips. He did not have to sell hard the idea to me; the thought of fresh fish was enough to have me push him out of the door.

Sport fishing is also referred to as recreational fishing. You fish for pleasure or for competition. It is not about profit, which commercial fishing is all about. And albeit I am a demanding wife about catching fish for dinner, husband’s kind of fishing is not subsistence fishing, which is getting fish for survival or food.

At the start, when it was just him doing some small-time fishing in nearby piers, I had to ask what the thrill was all about. I mean, I understand the drama of being in a competition, but if you like to fish alone, for recreation, I had to ask why. Here is his explanation, which I am sure fishing enthusiasts would be able to totally relate to.

According to husband, fishing is relaxing. It is being one with nature, being in the middle of nowhere with just a lake and fishing hook. The sounds you hear is nature – birds, sound of water running, and a symphony of other organic sounds. The sky is clear, the sun is out and you can hear yourself fishing

Then again, if its sport fishing with friends, it is quiet camaraderie, because you can’t really be so boisterous to get the fish biting. You trade war stories. Sometimes, there is cold beer to go with the stories.

Sport fishing uses minimal equipment. You use a rod, hook, reel and line. And bait, of course, which can be insects or smaller fishes. Some also use terminal tackle with the bait, like floats and weights. If you don’t like your bait moving or alive, you can use lures instead, which can be plastic lures or artificial tools

If you are already thinking what tasty fish will be brought home, the usual salt water game fish are mackerel, tuna, marlin, even a shark.

At the end of the day, I would be so lucky to get a fish. Yes, one fish, because my husband and his friends like to catch and release. The most they would do is take a photo for prosperity, and for bragging rights.

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