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I love to fish, and any day, I prefer fishing out in the sea than in a lake. A lake is more tranquil and relaxing, some claim, but there is bigger challenge and surprise when fishing out in the sea. My husband and I live in California, but my sister lives in Florida. On my husband’s 40th birthday, I surprised him with a trip to Florida for some serious fishing. I rented us a villa that was 20 minutes away from the Gulf of Mexico.

There is a different thrill when doing sport fishing or game fishing out in the Gulf of Mexico. There is more variety of fishes as inshore species join in, and the abundance of the fishes is totally amazing. The weather is generally sunny all throughout the year so there is not a bad time to come.

sport fishing in gulf of mexico

My result in gulf of Mexico

Onboard a chartered boat for fishing, the captain will know best where to find the best and most fishes.  It would be so common to get a Flounder, Mullet, Seatrout, Red Drum, Whiting or Sheepshead. When the inshore varieties join in, there can be found Snook, Cobia, Permit, Spanish Mackarel, Bluefish, Pompano, Tarpon and Tripletail.

If you ask me what I would rather have in the menu for dinner, I would sure love a Flounder, Tuna or a Tripletail. These are top favorites for table fare.

Around December, the spot to be is in the Yucatan Peninsula. The weather is mild enough and although there can be rain, it would only be slight and the skies would remain bright. In this spot, you can get the Redfish, Sea Trout and Flounder, referred to as the ‘Big Three’. They are great table fares and just the thought of them on the grill already makes me swoon.

If you are fishing in the southern Gulf of Mexico and along Caribbean waters, you are most likely to get the ‘Grand Slam’, a group which includes the Permit, Tarpon, Snook and Bonefish. These are game fishes, and not so much as table fares. The Bonefish, for example is edible, but as the name suggests, very bony. In most cases, we do a catch and release after all the selfies and groufies have been taken. Tarpon is a great catch – picture-wise – because of its spectacular jumps so get the camera ready. It is also a great trophy fish, because it can be quite tricky to actually hook one through its armor-plated mouth. The Snook is a tricky one, and would require you much patience and perseverance.

By the way, fishing permits are usually included in the service the charter offers. Each person is allowed ten fishes in a day, but one species should have no more than 5 fishes bagged.

For fishing enthusiasts, like me and my husband, the Gulf of Mexico offers all the thrills and the sunshine.

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