A Few Things You Should Know When Grilling Fish

The fish was delicious and nutritious foods. There are many ways to prepare fish: fish cleaning, fish soup, grilled fish. To make delicious grilled fish dish, rich in vitamins and minerals, you should know some fish processing techniques so that no longer smells and beautiful eyes. In this post we will guide you to a few tips when baked into fish dishes rich in this nutrient.

A. How to Select Fresh Fish

  • You should choose the most fresh fish. The fresh fish section will have no strong smell or hard to smell.
  • Check the appearance of the fish to make sure they are preserved fish skin should be clean and cold morning.
  • Whole fish, if the purchase should choose the skin moist and has shiny, pale pink fish bearing part.
  • Avoid buying these fish were preserved cold.
  • Select buy the fish meat part looks sure.
  • Should choose white fish and still look fresh, not choose the yellow or beige.
  • If buying frozen fish, it should choose the meat packaging fish for sure, no signs were freezing or too dry, and must check on the packing as well as the expiry date indicated on the packaging. Choose to buy the fish in the crowded store, sellers.
B. How to Preserve Fish
After the purchase of fish, need for right into a bowl or plate, sealed lid and preserving the cold. If the fish was packed, you should keep the packaging and into the fridge. You should only use fresh fish of the day. For frozen fish, are used within the time limit indicated on the packaging. In cases like to fish sauce marinated  (often apply to the meat of fish slice thick and meats were dry as tuna), should only be marinated within hours because if for too long, the meat will be fish paste.

C. Preliminary Fish Tips

 The fish has thick meat parts and make is selecting the best fit for the baking dish. The high oil content of fish such as salmon, tuna and flounder are suitable for grilling. For those types of small fish, the body piece, less meat, wrapping them in foil needed to grill more easily. How to use foil for grilled fish dishes:
  • Cut foil wide enough to pack the entire fish need baked.
  • For the fish in foil. In the middle of the foil, you add more oil, herbs, lemon, onion, garlic and the spices to your liking to marinated grilled fish dishes for impregnation.
  • Wrapped foil. Pay attention to the amount of water margin tight folds of flesh being flow out during baking.
  • Put the fish on the grill and grill between within five to seven minutes on both sides.

D. Grilled Fish Technique

  • After preliminary processing and cleaning fish to be ready for the barbecue, you should use cold water to wash the fish again and then wipe to dry.
  • Heat the charcoal oven, used a stick for the cooking to spray onto the grill.
  • Wait for grill heat to medium.
  • If not marinated fish sauce, the fish meat should be marinated in spices before cooking by using a brush dipped in cooking oil and lightly sweep up both sides of the fish pieces, then sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper.
  • Before putting the fish onto the grill, should reduce the fire down the average. Put the fish onto the video card in the direction of the cross with the grooves of the blisters. This helps you flip the fish easier while baking. Cover and grill for about three minutes.
  • The usual baking time about 8 minutes for the fish pieces with thickness of about 2, 5 cm.
  • Grilled fish dishes When finished, the meat and fish are translucent, use fork separated grill easily.
  • Fish can be processed into many diverse delicacies caught the eye, the change was very much different processing. Here is the secret to delicious grilled fish processing, nutritious. Besides poached fish is that families often free processing, is the indispensable ingredient in many meals.

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