What to Bring for Your Sea Fishing Trip

Where you need to make a living or find a way to relieve stress, fishing is a great choice for you. This outdoor activity brings about many great benefits; no wonder why its popularity shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. A question that beginners often ask is what they should bring for their sea fishing trip. Since the list can be super long, the following guide will mostly focus on the essential fishing equipment only. At the very least, you need basic stuff like rod, reel, knife… Modern fishermen these days also need a good vacuum sealer sealer machine to preserve their catch.

1. Fishing Rod And Reel

Obviously, you cannot go fishing without them. There are two things you need to bear in mind: one – you are packing for a sea fishing trip, not just for regular fishing and two – you need equipment that can match the type of fish you hope to catch. These two factors will affect the type of rods, reel, and lines you use. For example: the rods used for sea fishing are much longer than regular fishing rods.
It is highly recommended that you always have a backup plan. If you bring just one primary rod, your trip will be cut short should anything happen to this piece of equipment. Or, you may encounter more types of fish than you think so packing several spools of lines is a wise decision to make. The same goes for hooks, sinkers, swivels and corks.

2. Bait

Don’t forget bait. Ever. If you use live baits, bring along several buckets and at least a cooler to keep them in good conditions: spoiled baits can also spoil your trip. In case you use artificial baits, bring at least several types.

3. Tackle Box

If you do not want to waste your time finding your gear, you need a tackle box. Better yet, bring two: a compact one that holds just the essentials and large one that holds another equipment, supplies, tools, and even a first aid kit. Be well-organized and you can just grab anything whenever you need it.tackle-box

4. Utility Knife

Never leave home for a sea fishing trip without a utility knife. This is the most versatile equipment you can ever own and it can even save your life in dire situation. You can use it for so many purposes like cleaning the fish and cutting the rope or line. It can even work as a sharpener or can opener. Make sure that it is rush-resistant.fishing knife

5. Pliers

Pliers can be used instead of utility knives to cut tangled lines. Plus, they are very useful for getting a hook out of a fish.

6. Vacuum Sealer

The last part of this article is dedicated for underrated equipment: the vacuum sealer. While it is often overlooked in the list of essential fishing equipment that you find online, it is, in fact, very helpful in preserving your catch.vacuum sealer for fish
  • When you are able to catch more fish than you can handle, you cut the fish in smaller pieces and store them in the freezer. However, due to the problems with freezer burn of reduced fish quality, you need to find a better way to preserve your fish.
  • Trapped oxygen often occurs with traditional packaging and you know how it can spoil your fish. To avoid this, you can use a vacuum sealer to suck all oxygen out of a bag before place it in a freezer. That way, you can also eliminate freezer burn and preserve fish quality in a very long time. In reality, vacuum packed food last several times longer as compared to traditional packing.
  • If you want to make fresh bait, the vacuum sealer will also be very helpful. Say, you catch more bait than you need for one day, use the sealer to package it and it can remain fresh for the trip tomorrow. Basically, you can vacuum pack any type of fish, sea clams or squids for bait. There is no worry the odor also.

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