Boating Skills When Caught In A Storm At Sea

Today, boating is a means of moving quite safe. Wind storm or wave, even hitting reefs, drift ice is not a big problem. However the threat of the sea are also not less than on the Mainland is covered: wind storms, breakdowns, go to the combat zone, hit by torpedoes, pirates … Things on a when that happened, the risk of dangerous wreck is extremely high. Not talk to the drilling ship on the sea. Please save yourself when shipwrecks. And you will do? In this article, we will help you find out some skills to equip for yourself to face to face with a storm at sea when you run into this case.
  • Based On the Ocean Currents to Find Out the Exit Way

     Ocean currents – the river sea (you can google for more characteristic of it): it has a lot on the sea but with the vast expanse of the ocean, the met is that it is also very difficult. If really lucky you get it please immediately come up on the flow of it. Also easy to get to the Islands or the Mainland. Any currents would also go through 1 or more times such places. But this is fate’s approach, but also one of the keys to your life. Come up on the ocean currents are also less power than many. Some currents have fairly high temperatures.
     The junction of ocean currents cause the colors of the sea change: can easily realize the currents than by observing the color of sea water. In fact, in the sea currents with the naked eye are also quite difficult even if you stay on board when boating while caught a storm.
  • Take Advantage of Wind Direction to Swim

     Don’t hope it blows yourself but saving energy. Attention is then the wind currents that wind currents then. This would also not need to prompt as you will soon realize they are not traveling together. This is explained as follows: the wind carries the water vapor and clouds blowing constantly on the sea. When the met is the island rises more than sea level, even higher if islands are mountainous (very common) then this moist steam line stopped back and picking up on high. Climb them against cold air and condenses into clouds, wind blowing constantly moist to and stopped again. Continuous steam supply back up, continue to see cold and condensation again makes the clouds above the island on a more dense. They will stand still and existed as such for years if the wind is still blowing and continuous steam supply. The clouds on this island is often higher than other clouds but it is not worth using when we look from the bottom up.
  • Look At the Clouds to Look for Inland:

Awake looking at the clouds all around you. Attention all what can be seen. The clouds often wind blown drift away with the same speed very easy to recognize. But suddenly you see a cloud freeze in 1 location while the other cloud is moving in that direction in order to get to the pool. It is Islands. Almost all the sea birds are able to accurately determine the direction of the mainland. If you’re adrift but meet a sea birds, the aircraft’s direction is towards the Mainland
  • Try to Swim to the Shore

This case is applied when you do not have any choice, we means that your boild had been damaged very serious. Frankly, the sea, the vast lake is not near your home. Swim to the shore, just a silly idea. But you don’t have any other choice. In fact you should also determine the thought that the situation has gone worse when you don’t have a friends, not food, fresh water, not lose heat, dehydration, exhaustion in cold water gradually and most importantly: no-one save you both, you dead in less than a day is what will happen to anyone. Also referred to as carnivorous sea creatures flood the shark then far away too. If anyone can let go, then tired, afraid to have a death coming under support.

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